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Vivid Solutions is a software development company located in Victoria, BC that creates and implements innovative technology solutions to move your business forward. Our belief is there are no problems, only solutions. We thrive on tackling challenges and developing solutions that help people and businesses do what they do even better.


With a focus on quality and value we work closely with our clients to identify the strategic needs of their business to determine the technology capabilities required to support their goals. We help our clients navigate their specific situation to enable them to confidently address technology related decisions and create enduring results.


Delivering results and exceeding our clients’ expectations are always top priorities for us. Since our inception, Vivid Solutions has forged a reputation as a company with a total commitment to excellence, tremendous corporate flexibility, solid industry credentials and consistently delivering on our promises.

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Our experience runs deep. With over 25 years in the IT industry, our services, skills, approach and technology solutions continue to evolve to match that of the ever-changing technology landscape. Our value driven and innovation first mindset cements us as one of the leading custom software teams and drives us to produce technology solutions for our clients that align with their SDLC, produce results and get the most out of their IT investment.

Software Development

Great customer solutions are more than making a server, application and database communicate with each other, they also need to be adaptable, scalable, secure and reliable.  Whether it’s to support a mobile application, develop Web API’s or enhance an existing system, our team has the ability to develop custom solutions for a wide range of applications using cutting edge technologies to deliver superior results for our clients.


Once used by a few specialized industries, this technology is now utilized by a variety of applications for things such as route planning, asset tracking and emergency response support. Vivid Solutions has been involved in this field since the beginning and our experts have years of experience working with a wide range of GIS technologies and spatial data formats to help our clients better visualize, understand and leverage their data.

User Interface Design

An online presence is a typical and rational expectation for users internal to organizations as well as customers external to them.  We partner with our clients to design and develop solutions using modern techniques and frameworks that work best for their business and are intuitive for their users.  Our team of skilled developers works to ensure mobile, web and enterprise applications are built using industry best practices and integrate with web services seamlessly.

Project & Delivery Management

Equipped with years of comprehensive experience, honed expertise and a bunch of common-sense, clients can rely on us to deliver their projects with expected results. We promote transparency and agility while leveraging the approaches, frameworks and tools most appropriate for our client’s organization as well as the complexity and scope of the work. Our focus on quality and getting things done enables our clients to achieve their outcomes in a value-driven manner.

Strategy & Architecture

Getting the best business value from technology is a key focus for us.  We help our clients develop IT strategies and architectures that align with their business objectives and address the challenges encountered with the rapid pace of technology evolution.  We want to ensure your applications and infrastructure are optimized to give you the right mix of innovation, agility, reliability and cost.

Data Integration

We recognize data is one of the most valuable assets to an organization and their ongoing success. Whether you need to minimize information silos to reduce your data isolation, construct and manipulate datasets based on business need or simply replicate data for reporting, we work within your technical and business processes to integrate your data and produce trusted and valuable information.




In addition to custom applications, Vivid Solutions has developed a suite of Open Source products within the geospatial research and development community. These products are currently being used around the globe. This has broadened our reputation for excellence as forerunners in geospatial development at an international level.


Commercially, Vivid Solutions teamed with a BC forestry consulting company, Forsite Consultants Ltd., to develop eziLink™, a product that offers the complete solution for e-submission of forest tenure, permits and silviculture obligation reporting. This practical and intuitive tool can integrate with existing infrastructure and can be customized to specific needs, enabling users to capture and integrate both spatial and attribute data quickly and accurately.



Even though we don’t have pictures of a company donut bar or videos of our team members brainstorming while sitting on exercise balls we do realize our competitive advantage is our crew. We believe one of our most important jobs is to surround ourselves with really smart, fun, curious, diverse and passionate people. People that are driven to do the right thing, provide remarkable client service and thrive in a team setting.

We realize no two people are exactly the same. We welcome your genius, creativity, perspective, desire to make an impact and whatever else makes you stand out. And we will work with you to ensure you are setup to do your best work in a team environment with a focus on collaboration and mutual respect.

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