Vivid Solutions offers a wide range of services aimed at helping organizations of all types get the very most out of their IT investment. Our services all share the common goal of providing your company with the best technology at the lowest possible cost. Below is a small sampling of some our most popular services.

Getting You the Right Software for Your Business

The virtually countless offerings in todayís software industry are quite overwhelming. At Vivid we specialize in helping our clients obtain the solution thatís right for them. With years of experience we have the knowledge required to ensure that the software you end up with is the very best for your businessís unique needs whether it be an existing software package which can be configured to closely meet your companyís requirements or a custom application developed to exactly meet those requirements or something in between. We will help the client with understanding the cost and benefits of various approaches help them achieve the maximum return on their investment.

Sourcing Existing Software - Todayís market offers a myriad of choices of existing software and there is a good chance that your organizationís needs may be fully met with something already out there, saving you time and money. However, selecting the appropriate package can be difficult, and ending up with the wrong software can be a disaster. Vivid Solutions can help you select the option that is best for your individual needs in terms of technology, functionality and cost. Over the years our customers have come to trust our expertise in this area and return to us time and time again for our unbiased recommendations.

Custom Software - In some cases there is no suitable existing software and trying to adopt software that isnít ideal can create more problems than it solves. Often companies end up changing their business to fit their software when it should really be the other way around. In these instances your company may be better off with a custom built application which precisely meets the unique needs of your business. Over the last thirteen years Vivid Solutions has built hundreds of custom applications for clients whose needs just could not be met by existing software.

Option Number 3 - xRM - Bridging the gap between a pure custom solution and out-of-the-box software is Microsoftís xRM. xRM is a development platform that already includes core functionality common to many applications. Vivid Solutions can start with this platform and add the specific functionality required by your business. Because we donít have to spend time building everything from scratch we can deliver your application faster and more inexpensively. Itís not suitable for every application, but when it is, it can provide custom software like functionality at a much lower price point.

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