Vivid Solutions offers a wide range of services aimed at helping organizations of all types get the very most out of their IT investment. Our services all share the common goal of providing your company with the best technology at the lowest possible cost. Below is a small sampling of some our most popular services.

Business Technology Assessment

The best single investment you can make in technology is learning where it can help your business the most. Vivid Solutions can provide your company a comprehensive approach to aligning technology with your business needs through a Business Technology Assessment. In providing this assessment Vivid will examine what your business does, its needs, processes, and goals. We will then examine your current use of technology and what the market has to offer. The experts at Vivid will then use this information to:

  • Show you where your current IT is working well and where it can be improved.
  • Indicate the areas of your business which would realize the most benefit from information technology.
  • Identify the realistic return-on-investment that the various implementations would provide your company.
  • Help your business acquire the right products and service providers.
  • Identify potential risks to your company and provide strategies for mitigating them.
  • Help your business implement an effective IT plan at the lowest possible cost.

    At the end of the process your business will have a clear picture of where your business could be with the right technology and how to get there. Our report will be your company’s road map to effectively making use of technology. It will help your company fully understand how to accurately calculate considerations such as return-on-investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TOC). It will allow you to set priorities and make the right decisions regarding your company’s use of technology.

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