In addition to custom applications, Vivid has developed a suite of Open Source products within the geospatial research and development community. These products are currently being used around the globe. This has broadened our reputation for excellence as forerunners in geospatial development at an international level.

Commercially, Vivid has recently teamed with a BC forestry consulting company to develop eziLink™, a product that enables the forest industry to generate harvesting applications and report silviculture obligations including both spatial and attribute information and submit them electronically to the B.C. Government’s Ministry of Forests and Range.

JTS Topology Suite


The JTS Topology Suite (JTS) is an API providing spatial object model and fundamental geometric functions. It implements the geometry model defined in the OpenGIS Consortium Simple Features Specification for SQL. Functions provided include:

  • spatial predicates (based on the DE-9IM model)
  • overlay functions (intersection, difference, union, symmetric difference)
  • buffer
  • convex hull
  • area and distance functions
  • topological validity checking

The API supports a user-definable precision model and contains code for robust geometric computation. Also included are classes for spatial indexing. The API is 100% Java code (version 1.2 and above).

JTS provides a solid foundation for building further spatial applications, such as viewers, spatial query processors, and tools for performing data validation, cleaning and integration. The software is published under an Open Source licensing agreement (the GNU LGPL).

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