In addition to custom applications, Vivid has developed a suite of Open Source products within the geospatial research and development community. These products are currently being used around the globe. This has broadened our reputation for excellence as forerunners in geospatial development at an international level.

Commercially, Vivid has recently teamed with a BC forestry consulting company to develop eziLink™, a product that enables the forest industry to generate harvesting applications and report silviculture obligations including both spatial and attribute information and submit them electronically to the B.C. Government’s Ministry of Forests and Range.

JCS Conflation Suite (JCS)


A ubiquitous problem in the field of geospatial data management is the requirement to combine two or more geospatial data sets that have been derived from different compilation programs. The same feature on the ground can have a different geometric representation, different attribution and different positional errors associated with it. Combining different source material into an integrated single geospatial data set is called conflation. Current commercial GIS packages provide techniques to aid data integration but they are very dependent on manual assessment and editing.

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To address this problem, the JCS Conflation Suite (JCS) set of tools was designed to address many common geospatial data integration problems, but at the same time take a pragmatic approach. With the development of the Java Topology Suite (JTS) and the advances in spatial reasoning, it is possible to create new tools that will support data integration in a robust, efficient, and repeatable fashion. JCS is being built on JTS.

The JCS tool suite operates independently of commercial software offerings. It will not support the native formats, but through transformation software available through GIS vendors or third parties, it will be realistic to use the JCS tools with typical geospatial data. In particular, JCS will make use of a constrained form of GML for all input and output.

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