In addition to custom applications, Vivid has developed a suite of Open Source products within the geospatial research and development community. These products are currently being used around the globe. This has broadened our reputation for excellence as forerunners in geospatial development at an international level.

Commercially, Vivid has recently teamed with a BC forestry consulting company to develop eziLink™, a product that enables the forest industry to generate harvesting applications and report silviculture obligations including both spatial and attribute information and submit them electronically to the B.C. Government’s Ministry of Forests and Range.

Vivid Solutions has a access to literally thousands of products to ensure that you end up with the solution most appropriate for your needs. From software giants to small specialty applications Vivid Solutions has the connections to get you what you need. If you can imagine a business need, we can supply the appropriate solution.

Electronic Submission Application

  • eziLink™
    eziLink™ offers the complete solution for e-submission of forest tenure, permits and silviculture obligation reporting. This practical and intuitive tool can integrate with existing infrastructure and can be customized to specific needs, enabling users to capture and integrate both spatial and attribute data quickly and accurately.

Geomatics Applications

  • RoadMatcher
    RoadMatcher is an application that greatly reduces the time necessary to merge sets of linear road networks by providing a rich tool set to assist both automated and manual conflation.
  • JUMP Unified Mapping Platform
    The JUMP Unified Mapping Platform is a GUI-based application for viewing and processing spatial data, providing a highly extensible framework for the development and execution of custom spatial data processing applications.
  • JTS Topology Suite
    The JTS Topology Suite (JTS) provides an API of 2D spatial predicates and functions for fundamental geometric operations in an OGC-compliant spatial object model.
  • JCS Conflation Suite
    The JCS Conflation Suite (JSC) is an API and a set of interactive tools which perform conflation on spatial datasets.

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