Interface PlugIn

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPlugIn, AttributeQueryPlugIn, BufferPlugIn, ConvexHullPlugIn, GeometryFunctionPlugIn, LoadDatasetToCategoryPlugIn, OverlayPlugIn, SpatialJoinPlugIn, SpatialQueryPlugIn, ThreadedBasePlugIn, UnionPlugIn, ValidateSelectedLayersPlugIn

public interface PlugIn

Plug-ins are code modules that can be easily added to or removed from JUMP Workbench. For example, each menu item in the JUMP Workbench is a PlugIn. Typically plug-ins are executed with a menu item -- FeatureInstaller has methods for adding plug-ins as menu items. Alternatively, a plug-in need not be associated with a menu-item; it might, for example, simply run some code when the Workbench starts up.

"Built-in" plug-ins are configured in a Setup class. Third-party plug-ins reside in a JAR file that also contains an Extension class that configures them. During development, third-party plug-ins may be specified in the workbench-properties.xml file, to avoid having to build a JAR file.

See Also:
Setup, Extension, PlugInManager

Method Summary
 boolean execute(PlugInContext context)
          Performs the action for this plugin.
 java.lang.String getName()
          Returns a very brief description of this PlugIn e.g.
 void initialize(PlugInContext context)
          Called when Workbench starts up to allow plugins to initialize themselves.

Method Detail


public void initialize(PlugInContext context)
                throws java.lang.Exception
Called when Workbench starts up to allow plugins to initialize themselves.



public boolean execute(PlugInContext context)
                throws java.lang.Exception
Performs the action for this plugin. For threaded plugins with dialogs, this method contains the code to invoke the dialog. If the user cancels the dialog, this method should return false to prevent the run method from being called.

true if the action completed, false if it was aborted. Used by ThreadedPlugIns to indicate that their #run method needn't be called next.
java.lang.Exception - if a problem occurs during plug-in execution
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public java.lang.String getName()
Returns a very brief description of this PlugIn e.g. for display as a menu item

the name of this PlugIn