Package com.vividsolutions.jts.util

Contains support classes for the Java Topology Suite.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
Assert A utility for making programming assertions.
CollectionUtil Executes a transformation function on each element of a collection and returns the results in a new List.
CoordinateArrayFilter A CoordinateFilter that creates an array containing every coordinate in a Geometry.
CoordinateCountFilter A CoordinateFilter that counts the total number of coordinates in a Geometry.
Debug Provides routines to simplify and localize debugging output.
GeometricShapeFactory Computes various kinds of common geometric shapes.
Stopwatch Implements a timer function which can compute elapsed time as well as split times.
UniqueCoordinateArrayFilter A CoordinateFilter that builds a set of Coordinates.

Exception Summary
AssertionFailedException Thrown when the application is in an inconsistent state.

Package com.vividsolutions.jts.util Description

Contains support classes for the Java Topology Suite.