Class MaximalEdgeRing

  extended bycom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraph.EdgeRing
      extended bycom.vividsolutions.jts.operation.overlay.MaximalEdgeRing

public class MaximalEdgeRing
extends EdgeRing

A ring of DirectedEdges which may contain nodes of degree > 2. A MaximalEdgeRing may represent two different spatial entities:

If the MaximalEdgeRing represents a polygon, the interior of the polygon is strongly connected.

These are the form of rings used to define polygons under some spatial data models. However, under the OGC SFS model, MinimalEdgeRings are required. A MaximalEdgeRing can be converted to a list of MinimalEdgeRings using the buildMinimalRings() method.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraph.EdgeRing
cga, geometryFactory, startDe
Constructor Summary
MaximalEdgeRing(DirectedEdge start, GeometryFactory geometryFactory, CGAlgorithms cga)
Method Summary
 java.util.List buildMinimalRings()
 DirectedEdge getNext(DirectedEdge de)
 void linkDirectedEdgesForMinimalEdgeRings()
          For all nodes in this EdgeRing, link the DirectedEdges at the node to form minimalEdgeRings
 void setEdgeRing(DirectedEdge de, EdgeRing er)
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addHole, addPoints, computePoints, computeRing, containsPoint, getCoordinate, getEdges, getLabel, getLinearRing, getMaxNodeDegree, getShell, isHole, isIsolated, isShell, mergeLabel, mergeLabel, setInResult, setShell, toPolygon
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Constructor Detail


public MaximalEdgeRing(DirectedEdge start,
                       GeometryFactory geometryFactory,
                       CGAlgorithms cga)
Method Detail


public DirectedEdge getNext(DirectedEdge de)
Specified by:
getNext in class EdgeRing


public void setEdgeRing(DirectedEdge de,
                        EdgeRing er)
Specified by:
setEdgeRing in class EdgeRing


public void linkDirectedEdgesForMinimalEdgeRings()
For all nodes in this EdgeRing, link the DirectedEdges at the node to form minimalEdgeRings


public java.util.List buildMinimalRings()