Package com.vividsolutions.jts.geom

Contains the Geometry interface hierarchy and supporting classes.


Interface Summary
CoordinateFilter Geometry classes support the concept of applying a coordinate filter to every coordinate in the Geometry.
CoordinateSequence The internal representation of a list of coordinates inside a Geometry.
CoordinateSequenceFactory A factory to create concrete instances of CoordinateSequences.
CoordinateSequenceFilter Interface for classeswhich provide operations that can be applied to the coordinates in a CoordinateSequence.
GeometryComponentFilter Geometry classes support the concept of applying a GeometryComponentFilter filter to the Geometry.
GeometryFilter GeometryCollection classes support the concept of applying a GeometryFilter to the Geometry.

Class Summary
Coordinate A lightweight class used to store coordinates on the 2-dimensional Cartesian plane.
Coordinate.DimensionalComparator Compares two Coordinates, allowing for either a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional comparison, and handling NaN values correctly.
CoordinateArrays Useful utility functions for handling Coordinate arrays
CoordinateArrays.BidirectionalComparator A Comparator for Coordinate arrays modulo their directionality.
CoordinateArrays.ForwardComparator A Comparator for Coordinate arrays in the forward direction of their coordinates, using lexicographic ordering.
CoordinateList A list of Coordinates, which may be set to prevent repeated coordinates from occuring in the list.
CoordinateSequenceComparator Compares two CoordinateSequences.
CoordinateSequences Utility functions for manipulating CoordinateSequences
DefaultCoordinateSequenceFactory Deprecated. no longer used
Dimension Constants representing the dimensions of a point, a curve and a surface.
Envelope Defines a rectangular region of the 2D coordinate plane.
Geometry The base class for all geometric objects.
GeometryCollection Basic implementation of GeometryCollection.
GeometryCollectionIterator Iterates over all Geometrys in a GeometryCollection.
GeometryFactory Supplies a set of utility methods for building Geometry objects from lists of Coordinates.
IntersectionMatrix A Dimensionally Extended Nine-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) matrix.
LinearRing Models an OGC SFS LinearRing.
LineSegment Represents a line segment defined by two Coordinates.
LineString Basic implementation of LineString.
Location Constants representing the location of a point relative to a geometry.
MultiLineString Basic implementation of MultiLineString.
MultiPoint Models a collection of Points.
MultiPolygon Basic implementation of MultiPolygon.
Point Basic implementation of Point.
Polygon Represents a linear polygon, which may include holes.
PrecisionModel Specifies the precision model of the Coordinates in a Geometry.
Triangle Represents a planar triangle, and provides methods for calculating various properties of triangles.

Exception Summary
TopologyException Indicates an invalid or inconsistent topological situation encountered during processing

Package com.vividsolutions.jts.geom Description

Contains the Geometry interface hierarchy and supporting classes.

The Java Topology Suite (JTS) is a Java API that implements a core set of spatial data operations using an explicit precision model and robust geometric algorithms. JTS is intended to be used in the development of applications that support the validation, cleaning, integration and querying of spatial datasets.

JTS attempts to implement the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification (SFS) as accurately as possible. In some cases the SFS is unclear or omits a specification; in this case JTS attempts to choose a reasonable and consistent alternative. Differences from and elaborations of the SFS are documented in this specification.

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