Class Summary
CloseVertexFinder Finds vertices which are close but not equal, in one or two datasets.
FeatureSegment A FeatureSegment is a line segment contained in an edge of a feature
FeatureSegmentCounter Keeps a count of distinct LineSegments (as a Map from LineSegments to counts).
InternalMatchedSegmentFinder Finds line segments in a single coverage which match but are not identical.
InternalOverlapFinder Finds features in a dataset which overlap.
MatchedSegmentFinder Finds line segments in one or two FeatureCollections which match but are not identical.
NearFeatureFinder Finds Features which are within a given distance of another FeatureCollection
OverlapFinder Finds features which overlap, in one or two datasets.
OverlapSegmentIndicators Creates overlap indicators for two geometries by finding all segments which overlap the other Geometry.