The following is a list of JUMP Plug-ins that have been developed and contributed to the JUMP project.  If you would like your plug-in listed here please contact Martin Davis ("mbdavis") at Vivid Solutions, Inc.

ESF JUMP Plug-in

The ESF JUMP Plug-in is used to upload and track submissions through the ESF.  The Plug-in uses the ESF Submissions Web Service in order to connect directly to the system to perform the operations.  The ESF JUMP Plug-in uses a client library for communications to ESF which is also available as a standalone download.

The Electronic Submission Framework is an system used by Ministry of Forests and Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management used for incoming electronic spatial and attribute data.  Click here for more information on ESF.

Install Instructions: Unzip the ESF JUMP Plug-in distribution into the root of your JUMP installation.  Start JUMP with the "bin/esfworkbench.bat" file to get the ESF support libraries in the classpath.

Upgrade Instructions: If you are upgrading from a previous version of the plugin, make sure you go into the <JUMP Home>/lib/ext" and delete the previous version's folder or it will show twice in the menu when you start JUMP.

Submission Search ESF JUMP Plug-in 1.0.2
ESF JUMP Plug-in 1.0.2 Source

ESF Web Service Client API 1.0.2
ESF Web Service Client API 1.0.2 Source