Class MonotoneChainIndexer

  extended bycom.vividsolutions.jts.geomgraph.index.MonotoneChainIndexer

public class MonotoneChainIndexer
extends java.lang.Object

MonotoneChains are a way of partitioning the segments of an edge to allow for fast searching of intersections. They have the following properties:

  1. the segments within a monotone chain will never intersect each other
  2. the envelope of any contiguous subset of the segments in a monotone chain is simply the envelope of the endpoints of the subset.
Property 1 means that there is no need to test pairs of segments from within the same monotone chain for intersection. Property 2 allows binary search to be used to find the intersection points of two monotone chains. For many types of real-world data, these properties eliminate a large number of segment comparisons, producing substantial speed gains.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int[] getChainStartIndices(Coordinate[] pts)
static int[] toIntArray(java.util.List list)
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Constructor Detail


public MonotoneChainIndexer()
Method Detail


public static int[] toIntArray(java.util.List list)


public int[] getChainStartIndices(Coordinate[] pts)