JCS Conflation Suite

The JCS Conflation Suite is an API and set of interactive tools which perform conflation on spatial datasets. 
JCS has the following features:
  • JCS contains functions for performing various kinds of geo-spatial conflation processes.  The major conflation problems it addresses are Coverage Cleaning, Coverage Alignment and Road Network Matching.  
  • JCS supports QA operations for detecting and visualizing errors and both automatic and manual cleaning functions to adjust geometry. 
  • JCS supplies an API providing full programmatic access to all functions
  • JCS provides manual editing tools to perform human-assisted conflation for cases which automated methods cannot solve
  • JCS is written in 100% pure JavaTM
  • JCS is open source

JCS in action (click to see full size)
JCS relies on two other APIs for essential spatial functionality:


November 4, 2003

JCS 1.0.1 compatibility release

This release is not much different from JCS 1.0.0, the main difference being compatibility with the new JUMP 1.1.

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The development of JCS was sponsored by a joint project of the following organizations:

Comments or questions can be sent to JCS at Vivid Solutions, Inc.